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Grant program for psychologists

We are opening a grant training program "Become a neuropsychologist" for female psychologists from the Buchansky district

NGO Girls implements comprehensive projects of support for women and children affected by russia's war against Ukraine. In our projects, we work with children who suffered psychological trauma during the war, were witnesses and victims of torture, have neuropsychological abnormalities, developmental delay, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit syndrome, etc. Now qualified child psychologists and speech therapists provide assistance to children and their families.
We feel a significant shortage of neuropsychologists in Ukraine and that is why we are opening a grant training program "Become a neuropsychologist".
The training will last 4 months, 14 sessions of 3 hours each online and will include the following blocks:
  • introduction to neuropsychology,
  • neuropsychological diagnosis,
  • features of correction for difficulties in learning, SDU, autism, etc.,
  • drawing up corrective programs,
  • educational materials,
  • practical training.
The educational program is designed for child psychologists who have a full higher education, their practice, who are interested in improving their qualifications in the field of neuropsychology and neurocorrection and will work with the NGO Girls in the future.
Trainer: Kateryna Tymoshenko, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, psychologist, child psychologist, neuropsychologist, certified specialist in the Denver model of early intervention, psychotherapist in catathymic-imaginative therapy.
Conditions for receiving a grant for training in the course "Become a neuropsychologist" from the NGO Girls:
  • completed higher education in the fields of "Psychology", "Clinical Psychology", etc.;
  • specialization: child psychologist;
  • own practice (private or on the basis of an educational institution);
  • desire to develop in the field of neuropsychology and neurocorrection;
  • residence in the Buchansk district or in the city of Kyiv and willingness to work in the rehabilitation center for children in the city of Irpin;
  • a letter of motivation explaining why you should receive a grant;
  • successful passing of the interview with the course supervisors;
  • making a contribution to the statutory activity of the NGO Girls in the amount of UAH 1,000.

Study period: November 2022 - February 2023 

Collection of grant applications until October 21, interview of candidates on October 24-25 

Classes begin on November 2, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

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