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SOS Children's Villages

From May to July 2022, the NGO Girls within the framework of the SOS Children's Towns Program.
The Emergency Assistance Program "provided humanitarian, psychological and targeted assistance to women with children and large families from the Kyiv region.

Help received:

  • families with children in difficult life circumstances affected by war;
  • foster families, in care (more than 2 children);
  • families with temporarily arranged children (by decision of the SDS);
  • large low-income families in difficult life circumstances;
  • families with children with disabilities and special educational needs;
  • single mothers, single fathers.

As part of the NGO Girls project, they provided assistance in the form of:

495 humanitarian kits for families of the Kyiv region

Work equipment and materials for 15 beauty industry workers from Bucha

50 tablets for children to learn

433 hours of psychological consultation

Thanks to our partners SOS Children's Towns Ukraine for trust and cooperation. Thanks to you, we make an important common cause and support those who suffered due to the war. More about our projects - here

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