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Map of pediatric gynecologists

With the support of four philanthropists who elected to remain anonymous, Girls created an interactive Map of Pediatric Gynecologists.

This initiative has been very important for us, because it embodies our core values ​​and helps to defend the rights of girls to maintain their reproductive health.

The interactive map is accompanied by the chatbot Children`s Gynecologists of Ukraine on the Telegram messenger platform.

Map of
pediatric gynecologists

With its help of this map, girls and their guardians from all over Ukraine can quickly find a local doctor.

The Map contains information on116 gynecologists, representing all pediatric and adolescent gynecology specialists in Ukraine.

Thanks to the Map, every girl will be able to bring her questions and concerns about her sexual health to a qualified specialist, and maintain the most important thing: her health and comfort. That is why this is a special project for the NGO "Girls.
Interactive map

How does the Map work?

Girls or their caregivers can use the Interactive Map to find their closest doctor specializing in pediatric and adolescent gynecology. When they click on the tab of a particular doctor in a particular locality, they will see the address of the office where they see patients, their name, and their phone number for registration.

The same data can be obtained via the Children`s Gynecologists of Ukraine chatbot on the Telegram messenger platform once the user chooses their location. The data is current as of October 2021, but the  Map will be updated regularly.

If you are a practicing physician specializing in pediatric and adolescent gynecology, working on the basis of youth friendship, but you are not on our Map, we invite you to write to us at so we can add your data.

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