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«Health without shame»

In 2021, Girls partnered with UNICEF Ukraine to implement the project "Health without Shame".

As part of the project

As part of the project, our team of lecturers conducted online and face-to-face lessons on menstrual hygiene for students in grades 5-11 in every region of Ukraine, developed information booklets for children and adults and conducted training workshops for 250 teachers. The project covered 110,000 children and adults across Ukraine.

According to a survey by UNICEF and UReport*, almost half of girls have experienced some form of bullying due to menstruation. More than 48% of girls do not know what to do or not to do during their periods because this topic is shrouded in many myths. At the same time, 91% of girls and almost 74% of boys would like to receive more information on this topic.

This is unacceptable

Girls should experience the normal physiological process of menstruation with dignity, not being ashamed of it or even miss school during their period. However, more than 30% of girls said they had not been told about menstruation before it started, and almost 65% said that  they had missed school becouse of it. This is unacceptable.

We are very proud

We are very proud that not only girls but also boys were involved in these lessons. Joint lessons help to remove taboos from menstruation and provide boys with necessary and reliable information about how the other half of their peers live, because according to a UNICEF survey, 73.9% of boys want to know more about menstruation.

The materials of the project are open for review and use in instruction.
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