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Assistance for survivors of sexual violence

The Assistance for Survivors of Sexual Violence program is available to all who have experienced sexual violence.

We provide six months of psychological and psychotherapeutic care.

Women and girls who have been subject to or who have witnessed sexually abuse, as well as family members of survivors, can seek help.

We aim to ensure the physical safety of survivors of sexual violence, restore mental health, and promote a return to normal life.

We are implementing the project with the support of the Independent Social and Environmental Movement Nesehnuti.
The program provides:

  1. Providing long-term psychological support to survivors.
  2. Ensuring survivors’ physical stability (escort to a safe place, settlement, escort for rehabilitation abroad).
  3. Assistance in obtaining legal advice and support in working with lawyers.
  4. Provision of humanitarian aid (food, hygiene products, one-time direct financial support).
Girls works with a team of experienced psychologists, psychotherapists, and neuropsychologists. Our specialists are constantly undergoing additional training and supervision meetings.

Our activities are carried out in accordance with our Code of Conduct.
Registration for counseling for survivors of sexual violence can be found here:

Or by e-mail:


NGO «Girls»

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